Harsh Chemicals

It all starts with hair washing. So many shampoos and conditioners have harsh chemicals that damage the hair follicles over time without you even realizing it.

Wherever its applicable, The Groomed Company takes pride in using non-GMO, 100% natural and organic ingredients. It is imperative to feed the follicles with good nutrients rather then wash them away leaving the follicles starving and drying out.

All Day

Products like Pomade All Day are intended to give the hard working man the opportunity to stay fresh, even if they just finished a long shift of strong labor.

The Idea of being able to rush out of work, change up in a pair of jeans and a stylish shirt, while still massaging your hair into the style you want from the pomade you put into it in the am just gets us so excited!


Wherever we can infuse nutrients into the hair & care products, we do just that. There is nothing better then being able to create a healthy sleek shine and a fresh all-day look that’s actually good for you.

It’s so easy to take harsh chemicals and hold your hair follicles hostage. But do these products take responsibility for all the damage or hair loss down the road? We think not.

It’s basic science. If you can’t spell the ingredient and learn exactly what its used for and what it can do, then chances are you will be looking in hair solutions when its too late.

Stay fresh, truly fresh, from the hair follicle to the hydration of your skin cells and let your hair be free and healthy.

Made in the U.S.A.

All our products are first made from scratch. We do not buy container loads of pre-made ingredients. We do not slap a label on someone else’s products. We make everything in the U.S.A. with our high quality lab partners who not only uphold product integrity, but are there alongside us and not in a foreign unreachable destination.