Become A Groomed Man Ambassador

What does it take to be a TGM ambassador?

The Groomed Man is looking for for micro-influencers. Ambassador accounts for The Groomed Man must have a following of 1k or more, and are consistently active (post 4 times or more per month) with industry related posts. Ambassador accounts must have a minimum of 30 posts on their page and are someone who embodies our brand by displaying sophistication, high class, and a passion for looking good.

We appreciate the interest in wanting to represent our brand.

Why become a brand ambassador?

  • Generate commission based income
  • Earn discounts on products
  • First access when launching new products

As a brand ambassador you have the opportunity to generate commission based income. You will earn 15% commission of all sales made using your purchase code that is sent to you with your welcome email. This code can be shared with all family, friends, and social media followers who purchase TGM products.

At the end of each month you will receive a sales report displaying all sales made with your purchase code and the amount of commission you can expect to receive that month.

We have a dedicated team to help support the ambassador program so do not hesitate to send us an email when having questions or concerns.

TGM ambassador expectations

  • All TGM ambassadors are expected to post three times a month on all their social media platforms.
  • All brand ambassadors are expected to follow The Groomed Man page and like as well as repost all content made by the brand's page.
  • All brand ambassadors are expected to like, comment, and engage with The Groomed Man page's content to show consistent involvement in our community.
  • All brand ambassadors are expected to repost our giveaways and contests.
  • All brand ambassadors are expected to use our social media hashtags as much as possible and promote their network to do so as well. #TheGroomedMan #TGM #GroomedIsGolden #TGMbrandambassador
  • All brand Ambassadors may be asked from time to time to help with local events or expos.
  • All brand ambassadors will contribute to feedback requested on new products, giveaways, or deals.
  • All brand ambassadors will not represent or promote competing products while apart of our ambassador program.

Apply For Our Ambassador Program