Read the Tell All Story of TGM Style

The Groomed Man Has Arrived – Read the Tell All Story of TGM Style

Al The Barber

The Beginning

It was a hot summer day, and I was in my garage with the first pair of shears I had just purchased. I remember feeling the excitement and running to my good friends and asking them, “can I cut your hair”?  When they agreed to let me cut their hair, I felt stoked.  That’s when all the referrals began. “Sick cut, where did you get that done?” And to my garage, they came. I just got addicted. One style after the next, it was like art on a canvas. “Do you like it?” The rush just came every time they gave me that “bro nod.”  I was just a teen.

The Barbershop

After that, I went to school. I practiced the art of cutting hair every chance I got. I saved every dollar I could, so when the opportunity came to start my barber shop in the heart of Metro Detroit, I grabbed it! And just like when kids were running down the block to my garage, the word spread and my tiny shop became my big dream come true.  "UpperCuts Barber Shop!"

The Experience

I managed to inspire six other barbers; hand-picked to join and expand the UpperCuts Barber Shop mindset, which was cutting hair is creating a canvas of art. Naturally, the environment came next. I didn’t want anyone just to get a cut, and I wanted them to feel the experience, feel the atmosphere, while giving them the classiest look or the edgiest fade. 

Graduating from Cutting Hair to Styling

Frustrations and challenges came when a good haircut would fade out by mid-day, and worse is when they came back to get the next fresh haircut they had dandruff, or their hair looked unhealthy.  My clients, now friends were using all types of hair products that were causing damage to their hair.  I felt that I had a responsibility to find a solution!

The TGM Evolution

I started working with formulation specialists, pharmacists, scientists, people passionate about hair care products.  I explained that we have to give everyone the opportunity to stay fresh, even after a clean haircut and they go about their daily routine.  The goal was to focus on products that work for all types of hair.  I wanted to see our clients sitting in the chair with healthier hair each month they come back.

And so, that's a quick story of how The Groomed Man Company was born.
Over hundreds of formulations, trials, samples, studies, and tests, we created the perfect grooming products that provide the real experience you're looking for so you can stay fresh, every day, not just on barber days.

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