Pomade All Day – The Barber Al Interview

Pomade All Day – The Barber Al Interview

Q1: Why Does Al love pomade so much?

There is nothing fresher then the natural looked, that’s groomed. Pomade gives you that minimal effort look because it does all the work for you, leaving you with beautiful hair all day long.

​Q2: What are some pomade tips & tricks would you like to offer grooming men everywhere?

Step 01: Wash & Blow Dry First

Always start out by washing and blowing drying your hair. Men, buy a blow dryer. Don’t go using a blow dryer right when you get out of bed, WASH YOUR HAIR FIRST. The hot water relaxes your hair back to its original texture. THEN TOWEL DRY IT. THEN BLOW DRY IT.

Step 02: Get a real hair brush

Use a round hair brush, something that really brushes your hair. Brushing your hair trains your hair daily and allows it to start looking more natural as the days go by. BE CONSISTENT.

Step 03: Pomade Styling Tip Alert

Have your TGM Pomade All day, blow dryer & round brush ready.

First, turn your blow dryer temperature to ‘hot’ and power it up on ‘high’. Begin blow drying your hair while styling your hair with your round brush. With this technique, you will start noticing your hair volume increasing giving you the full head of hair look.

Once your at your desired hair height and volume, put the brush down and take out some TGM Pomade All day. Use your fingertips to begin styling your hair. Gently maneuver the product through your hair until its no longer visible.

Once you feel like you got the natural look your aiming for, you can now #stayfresh ALL DAY. Just remember, there are no rules with pomade hair styles. Whether you want to be suttle or go crazy with your hairstyle, do you. Either way, you will look groomed for the rest of the day.

It only takes 15 minutes to #stayfresh for the next 15 hours. It’s worth it.

Q3. Why TGM Pomade All Day above anything else?

We use natural oils to generate the most natural look. We infuse vitamins to feed the hair follicles with wholesome goodness. And lastly, it lasts all day so you use less throughout the day and it lasts longer in your arsenal of sexiness. OMG and Of course the scents! You are going to love them. Right now we offer Black Amethyst & Barbershop original.